1. Instagram

    Despite my loathing of all things Facebook, I've decided to re-open an Instagram account.

    If you want to see pictures of pens, notebooks and my ridiculously cute kids, check it out.

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  2. Site Update

    I've made a few tweaks to the site over the past few days:

    • Made link posts follow the now-long-traditional Daring Fireball style.1
    • You can now actually email me:2 tony at thisdomain.
    • Comments.3

    Two other tweaks I really should make sooner rather than later:

    • Hiring a competent ...
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  3. Obligatory Meta Post

    By way of an introductory post, I thought I'd go a little bit into how I'm running this site. The major parts are Pelican and GitHub.

    Pelican is a static website generator written in Python. I became aware of it thanks to Gabe over at Macdrifer. He just ...

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