Site Update

I've made a few tweaks to the site over the past few days:

  • Made link posts follow the now-long-traditional Daring Fireball style.1
  • You can now actually email me:2 tony at thisdomain.
  • Comments.3

Two other tweaks I really should make sooner rather than later:

  • Hiring a competent designer to make everything pretty.4
  • Moving off Feedburner.5

  1. Thanks Gabe

  2. Should you ever want to do such a silly thing. 

  3. For some reason I feel it necessary to justify this decision. I may do so in a future post, but for now rejoice in your ability to publicly shame me for my horrible coding. 

  4. It kills me to look at the site on Chrome for Windows. Which I have to do at work every day. 

  5. I knew from the start that hitching my wagon to Feedburner was a horrible, horrible idea. Obviously it didn't stop me.... 

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