1. > Permanence

    Matt Gemmell:

    That’s the reality of digital data: sometimes it degrades, but usually the technological ecosystem moves on around it, leaving it isolated and inaccessible.

    I have so many thoughts about this subject that I've typed and discarded more drafts on it than I can count.

    Perhaps I ...

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  2. > ∞ Syndication and Theft

    Ben Brooks:

    ...if you get a popular post two things will happen:

    1. You will get those annoying emails Matt references.
    2. Someone will outright steal your content and post it on their site.

    You should click through to the article by Matt Gemmell that Ben links to. I'll put it ...

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  3. > Vantage Point magazine

    Riccardo Mori:

    I’m finally, officially launching my new project, Vantage Point magazine, a compact digital publication available on Apple’s Newsstand platform and produced by the great folks at Type Engine.


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  4. > Sourcegraph

    Use Sourcegraph to find the code you need quickly, see anywhere in the open-source world that a function or library is used, and discover other like-minded programmers.

    Only searches for Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Go. Still looks useful.

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  5. > Breakfast: A Manifesto

    J. Oliver Conroy:

    What is breakfast? Breakfast is the meal which exists in slight variants throughout the English-speaking world and includes eggs and meat and something made of potatoes or bread and a hot beverage. Breakfast is the Full English, or the Full American, or the Full Canadian. Breakfast is ...

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