Clean URLs and Send to Pinboard

Last week, Viticci wrote about Clean Links, an iOS app that cleans up those horrible URLs people pass around on the internet. He provided a few Launch Center Pro actions to demonstrate the app's URL scheme.

Because I like to keep my Pinboard tidy, I whipped up my own actions that would link1 the two. I go back and forth between Pinbook and Pinner2 so I made actions for both.





Both assume that you want the "Read Later" flag set to yes. It's a little more work than just hitting the "Send to Pinboard" button in Tweetbot/Felix, but I'm hoping to make it up by not having to manually edit them later.

  1. Get it? 

  2. Pinbook was always my default, but with iOS 7 it's looking a bit dated. Pinner was just updated with a more iOS 7-y look, but man is that icon ugly. 

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