> Paris Review - The Art of Fiction No. 211, William Gibson

William Gibson:

It's harder to imagine the past that went away than it is to imagine the future. What we were prior to our latest batch of technology is, in a way, unknowable. It would be harder to accurately imagine what New York City was like the day before the advent of broadcast television than to imagine what it will be like after life-size broadcast holography comes online. But actually the New York without the television is more mysterious, because we've already been there and nobody paid any attention. That world is gone.

Great, long interview with an author all of us geeks and nerds should be familiar with.

The Paris Review has done the whole world a favor and made their entire archive of writer interviews going back to the 1950s freely available.

If audio interviews are more your thing, check out Bookworm on KCRW or Author Interviews by Don Swaim. The latter had some pretty spectacular guests.

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