> Google, the Villain

Matt Alexander on Apple and Google:

In spite of all of these perceived incompatibilities, however, I cannot help but think there ought to be harmony and symbiosis between the two. Google's acumen with web services and its keen desire to work for the benefit of a broad swath of people could directly benefit Apple's ability to produce the best hardware, designs, and products in the industry. Apple has also proven its capabilities to enable and foster a thriving ecosystem for third party developers. Marry this success with Google's toolsets and I suspect you'd have an extremely potent, albeit unrealistic, combination.

Something I have been pondering lately as well. I think the rift between these two companies is one of the great travesties in tech history1. If they could just get over their shit and cooperate again like they did before this iOS/Android "rivalry" I bet we'd see some truly amazing things.

  1. An admittedly short history in the grand scheme of things.... 

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