An Imagined Conversation Between Apple and a Developer

Apple: Hey, we've got this incredible iCloud thing. Everyone should use it.

Developer: Great! I'd love to use it!

A: Sounds good. Oh, by the way you have to distribute your app through the App Store to use iCloud.

D: No problem. Here you go.

A: Hmmm. You appear to have violated several rules and your app can't be in the App Store.

D: But I want to use iCloud. Which rules have I violated?

A: You have violated several rules.

D: Ok, I removed all of the features that make my app useful and unique. Will you accept it now?

A: Absolutely. Welcome to the App Store.

D: Great.

...time passes...

A: Hey, we have these new rules and your app violates some of them so we're kicking you out of the Store.

D: Shit.

A: Have a nice day.

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