> The unlikely persistence of AppleScript

Another thing that everyone's seen already (because it's Gruber and he's writing in Macworld):

The details of what I use it for don't matter so much as the bottom line, which is that AppleScript allows me to add my own features to the apps I use most- features that may well not make sense for the typical user but which save me time and aggravation.

I quipped along the same lines on app.net a couple of weeks ago:

For as (justifiably) maligned as it is, AppleScript is one of those things that keeps me on OS X. There's just nothing comparable that I know of on Linux.

And I still believe it. You can do some amazingly useful shit with AppleScript that you just can't do anywhere else. If Apple ends up screwing the pooch at some point down the road and I do go back to Linux, the loss of a unified inter-application scripting mechanism is what I'll end up missing the most1.

Gruber also gives us a nice reminder that OSA was meant to be the basis for much more than just AppleScript. Too bad it never actually caught on.

  1. Of course, Apple killing or hamstringing AppleScript is close to the top of my "Reasons to Ditch OS X" list, so either way I'm hosed and it would probably make no difference if I was using OS X or Linux. 

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