Quick Hit - 4 Apps You Should Use But Probably Don't

Some nerdy application recommendations for you this week.

Prompt is an iOS ssh client written by Panic. It's simple, functional and beautiful.

FastScripts is like the Apple-provided scripts menu bar item, but so much better. For one thing, it allows you to run things other than AppleScripts. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to your scripts.

QuickQuestion is a command-line utility for OS X written by everyone's favorite mad scientist, Brett Terpstra. In a nutshell, with qq you can keep a folder full of questions you always ask yourself and the answers you can never remember. Bonus: everything is stored in plain text files.

EverCode is an OS X application that facilitates storing syntax highlighted code snippets in Evernote. It was an entrant in this year's Evernote Devcup (but sadly wasn't a finalist).

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